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Got 2 minutes? Watch our video

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Under certain conditions, in a Bachelor's, bridging, preparatory or postgraduate programme , you can use tolerance credits for courses you failed. Using a tolerance credit is a way of furthering your Free Shipping 2018 New DC Shoes TONIK Trainers black Outlet Real bhIne8w6
. You can consult and manage your tolerance file via MAGIC Bodyfashion SUPER CONTROL Shapewear black Online Cheap Quality pVyL4

Bachelor's, bridging, preparatory or postgraduate programme

Conditions for using tolerance credits

If courses are not tolerable or if there are restrictions,it is stated in the Big Sale Cheap Price Heidi Klein Portinatx UBar OnePiece Cornflower Purple For Sale For Sale Free Shipping Reliable BXGmJhQ3
(art. 81) or in the programme catalogue of the study programme:

Your tolerance entitlement is 10% of the number of credits which you effectively have to take within a programme. This means that exemptions are not included in the calculation of those 10%.

It follows that your tolerance entitlement in a Bachelor's programme of 180 credits, without exemptions, amounts to 18 credits. In a bridging programme of 60 credits, without exemptions, it amounts to 6 credits. If, however, you only have 20 credits of exemptions within that bridging programme, your tolerance entitlement will only be 4 credits.

If, as a Bachelor's student, you have to obtain more than 120 credits in order to graduate, you can use no more than 12 credits of your remaining tolerance entitlement. Those 12 credits are included in your tolerance file under your 'usable tolerance entitlement'.

You cannot expand your tolerance credit by taking a surplus of credits. Within a Bachelor's programme, the maximum amount of tolerance credit is always 18, even if in practice you would take 190 credits.

Your tolerance file is a tab in your study progress file . It stateswhich tolerance credits you have already used and whether you meet the requirements to use more tolerance credits or not.

If you are able to graduate in a specific examination period by using tolerances, the examination committee will use all possible remaining tolerance credits for you insofar as you meet the tolerance requirements. This way, you will graduatewithout having to do anythingyourself.

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Radio Planning Optimization Ellipse


Product at a Glance Key Features Use Cases

Ellipse (formerly Mentum Ellipse) supports the entire lifecycle of mobile backhaul and other transmission networks. With Ellipse, microwave-link planning and transmission engineers can improve their transmission and backhaul networks’ ROI and increase their operational efficiency.

Ellipse offers state-of-the-art Sale Sast Extremely Calvin Klein Underwear HIP BRIEF 2 PACK Briefs grey Pick A Best Online Ebay aN6PG
planning and frequency planning technology with support for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave networks. Its innovative transport planning features enable transmission engineers to plan and optimize network topology, traffic routing and link utilization. By integrating live backhaul Superdry JETSTREAM Espadrilles eclipse navy For Cheap Online LMhN2Mo
data and traffic loads into the planning process, transmission engineers can optimize the capacity of the backhaul network to match actual and expected traffic loads and avoid bottlenecks, all while meeting availability targets.

Ellipse provides transmission engineers with unmatched microwave and millimeter-wave link engineering capabilities, including extensive support for all of the models required for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint link performance analysis as well as frequency planning. The microwave link planning tool also offers line-of-sight (LOS) planning and non-line-of-sight planning (NLOS) with advanced reflection analyses in urban areas to aid in small cell backhaul planning.

With unique features such as a topology designer, 3D viewer, off-path obstruction view and Automatic Channel Allocation, Ellipse allows transmission planning engineers to cost-efficiently meet reliability, capacity, quality and availability objectives for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul networks. Additional features also increase the operational work efficiency of microwave engineers such as the ability to generate customized microwave link reports in bulk.

What truly makes Ellipse stand out is its ability to manage and optimize large-scale transmission and transport networks so operators can minimize network CAPEX.

Unmatched Microwave Engineering

Ellipse (formerly Mentum Ellipse) offers unmatched microwave engineering capabilities with extensive support for all of the models required for thorough link performance analysis, including propagation models, rain rate models, multi-path models, diversity models, MIMO and performance and availability models, to name a few.

Operator-Grade Capabilities

Ellipse offers the ability to optimize the topology, spectrum utilization and capacity of large-scale mobile backhaul networks, while achieving quality and availability targets.

Rich Geographical User Interface

Ellipse provides a rich geographical user interface with well-known standard map formats, multi-resolution support and powerful layer display options, such as the 3D display of dense urban areas. Online, free-of-charge digital mapping data (SRTM) can also be used to shorten project configuration time.

Open, Next-Generation Platform

Ellipse uses a next-generation, .NET-based software architecture. For engineers, this means a solution that is faster, flexible, more reliable and future-proof.

Network Performance Module

From within Ellipse, users can connect to and use KPIs from VistaInsight, InfoVista’s network performance management solution. Network KPIs can also be imported through an Excel interface, and RAN traffic data can be imported directly from Planet. View and analyze the evolution of RAN traffic loads and performance KPIs over time.

Planning and Optimization of Mobile Backhaul Network

Ellipse (formerly Mentum Ellipse) supports the planning and optimization of mobile backhaul networks, especially the planning of microwave and millimeter-wave links. It enables mobile operators to cost-efficiently meet reliability targets (e.g. 99.999%) or quality and availability targets, while optimizing the transmission network layout and transport parameters.

LOS and NLOS Microwave Link Planning for Large Network Deployment Projects

Planning of point-to-point and microwave link networks are supported in Ellipse. The enterprise-grade solution and the flexible workflows enable transmission engineers to optimize network topologies, spectrum utilization and equipment selections, to meet the capacity and availability requirements for the largest Tier-1 backhaul network rollouts.

Efficient Backhaul Infrastructure Management

Ellipse’s multi-technology modelling capabilities allow engineers to plan, consolidate, optimize and manage microwave links, millimeter-wave links, optical fiber and IP backhaul infrastructure within a single tool and database. The ability to generate and export tailored infrastructure reports in bulk allows engineers to spend their valuable time on productive mobile backhaul network planning and network optimization activities.

Small Cell Backhaul Planning Including NLOS Planning

Ellipse supports NLOS planning on both high-frequency (i.e. 20-100 GHz) and low-frequency (i.e. sub-6 GHz) bands. Both solutions are used in mobile backhaul.

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