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TOM TAILOR DENIM Print T-shirt californian Buy Cheap Footlocker Cheap Genuine Buy Cheap Extremely IOYL0aEQ
Material & care

Outer fabric material:  100% cotton

Fabric:  Jersey

Care instructions:  Machine wash at 40°C, do not tumble dry


Neckline:  Crew neck

Pattern:  Print

Article number:  TO722O0LG-E11

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Born within the thick forests of the US's Pacific Northwest, Alda has spent years cultivating their sound of dense, suffocating banks of ... black metal fog and moody folk riffs.Since their inception in 2007, this 4 piece has been dedicated to a lifestyle founded on respect and communication with the soil on which they dwell. ... more more

May 2018
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Sep 2015

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Du er her: Consumer > Pressemeddelelse > Større kapacitet og strømlinet design i vores nye mikroovne
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Christer Ericsson

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Panasonic is proud to announce the launch of a variety of new kitchen products to celebrate fresh food and enhance your wellbeing, all from the comfort of your own home. The products include five new Slimline Microwave Ovens and a newly redesigned generation of breadmaker that make experiencing fresh food preparation an easy and convenient process for busy families, baking-enthusiasts and passionate foodies.

Creating, enjoying and sharing fresh food is a great way to make you and your loved ones feel great from the inside, out, so providing the tools to maintain fresh cooking for busy lifestyles is at the heart of Panasonic’s latest innovations.

Slim Microwaves that make a BIG impact

The newest microwaves in the Panasonic portfolio have been designed to make a big impact in food preparation, while taking up less time and countertop space. The Slimline Microwave Range boasts a compact design, by moving the fan system from the back of the microwave to the top, which enables a bigger cavity and turntable. This adaption is why the turntable size of the Slimline Microwaves is 34cm where the microwave takes up 20% less countertop space than previous models.

Not only can you save countertop space with the new models, you can also reduce the amount of time and effort required to experience fresh food preparation, all by the click of a button.

Each model within the combination range has been designed to create fresh gourmet food with ultimate convenience through the use of Inverter Technology. This innovation has been created with Panasonic’s famous Japanese Precision technology to produce controlled, gentle and even cooking of food for quicker and better quality results. The Inverter Technology features precise power control, which means consistent cooking; a fantastic benefit for parents required to heat baby food, or for those who need a microwave that can be trusted to thoroughly cook meals while they continue their daily actions. Delicate foods are also not overcooked and valuable nutrients are preserved.

Families can also benefit from the new Junior Menu built into the advanced Slimline range. The Junior Menu (UK models: NN-CD58J (Stainless Steel), NN-CT57J (Silver), NN-CT56J (Black), NN-CT55/54J (White)) includes eight easy to use auto options which have been designed to speed up cooking time for busy parents and get the most from fresh and healthy recipes. Pureeing fruit and vegetables for babies, defrosting frozen meals, cooking the family’s favourite pasta bake, perfecting healthy flapjacks for school snacks will no longer be a time consuming process with the new Slimline Microwaves.

Contact Us 1-844-648-4737

Loader/Dozer Tires

VersaBuilt - All Purpose Tire

Designed for a long wear life with a heavy-duty all-steel radial casing for all around performance in loader and earthmover applications.

VersaBuilt - Deep Tread Tire

This tire is designed to have a long wear life while providing solid traction and dependability in loader and earthmover applications.

VersaBuilt - All Traction Tire

With a self-cleaning tread pattern, you’ll get serious traction in any soft or muddy surface. With a long wear life, this is ideal in loader and grader applications.

DURAFORCE - UTility Tires

For construction applications including loaders.

DURALOAD - Deep Tread Tire

Reduce downtime by decreasing early tire removals and keeping production rolling. The 45/65-45 Duraload DT giant loader tire features both nylon and nylon/steel construction.

DURALOAD - Plain Tread Tire

The DuraLoad PT bias tire is specially designed for severe loader operations and is ideal for use with chains.

DURALOAD - Super Deep Tread Tire

Improving uptime by reducing early tire removal is critical to keeping production rolling. The DuraLoad SDT giant loader tire features unique, heavy-duty, super-deep tread. The DuraLoad SDT is available in both nylon and nylon/steel construction and two sizes - 35/65-33 and 45/65-45.

HTLD - Half Tread Loader Dozer Tire

The HALF TREAD LOADER DOZER bias tire is specifically designed for loader applications including giant loaders in mining operations. Provides excellent traction with half deep lug tread design and outside shoulder protection.

PTLD - Plain Tread Loader Dozer Tire

The PLAIN TREAD LOADER DOZER bias tire offers maximum cut protection for extreme service loader/dozer applications includingtransporting andloading applicationson improved surfaces on docks and in rail yards.

PTLD UMS -Plain Tread Loader/Dozer Underground Mining Service Tire

The PLAIN TREAD LOADER DOZER UNDERGROUND MINING SERVICE bias tire is specially designed for underground mining operations requiring exceptional cut and impact protection for extreme service Shuttle Truck and LHD applications.

SDT LD - Super Deep Tread Loader/Dozer Tire

The SUPER DEEP TREAD LOADER DOZER bias tire offers 250% deeper tread than L3 patterns providing greater casing protection and longer service life. Certain sizes available with "steel shield" construction for added cut and impact protection.

SGG - Super Ground Grip Tire

The SUPER GROUND GRIP bias ply tire features a self-cleaning directional tread design for earthmover, loader/dozer and grader applications offers exceptional flotation and traction in soft soil or mud environments.

SGG LD -Super Ground Grip Loader/Dozer Tire

The SUPER GROUND GRIP bias ply tire features a self-cleaning directional tread design fortelehandler, loader/dozer and grader applications offers exceptional flotation and traction in soft soil or mud environments.

SRG - Super Rock Grip Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias tire offers a wide base for added stability and rubber compounds designed for wear resistance on improved surfaces in dock and in rail yard applications.

SRG DT -Super Rock Grip Deep Tread Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP DEEP TREAD bias tire is designed for a variety of haulage trucks, with certain sizes designed to withstand heavy loads and scorching temperatures of slab and slag carriers. Also designed for a number of industrialapplications.

SRG DT LD - Super Rock Grip Deep Tread Loader Dozer Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP DEEP TREAD LOADER DOZER bias tire offers extra heavy-duty rock loader performance in loader applications with certain sizes ideal for use under chains in load and carry applications.

SRG LD - Super Rock Grip Loader Dozer Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias ply tire offers a heavy duty nondirectional tread design. It features exceptional traction and resistance to cutting and chipping in loader/dozer applications, as well as heat resistance in earthmover and grader service.
Truck Bus


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Wheaton College
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Become a Passage Leader

Do you want to disciple new students, build the Wheaton community, and develop leadership skills to build your resume?

Passage leadership positions are open to Wheaton upperclassmen who have a passion for Wheaton College, a willingness to contribute to the experience of incoming students, and a desire to be developed as a leader in the Wheaton College community.

All Passage leaders will receive specialized training prior to the start of the Passage program. To ensure that leaders are adequately prepared, our Passage Leader training program equips individuals to recognize the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of the groups they will be leading. Additionally, Passage leaders learn facilitative skills that will contribute to positive group development and encourage interaction with course themes and experiences.

ToApply: Applications can be submitted online via the HoneyRock registration portal . Once your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview.


Payment: Leaders begin earning pay once students arrive and Passage officially begins. Housing and food are provided throughout your time at HoneyRock.



Wilderness Specific:

For More Information: Contact Rachael Cyrus at 715-479-7474 ext. 203 or email her at

For More Information:

Track leader positions are for returning Passage leaders who are interested in becoming a leader of leaders in the Urban and Northwoods tracks. These roles have a wider scope of responsibility: overseeing significant aspects of Passage programming; mentoring, training, and advising Passage leaders; and running meetings. This is incredible experience for those who want to lead programs and teams in a dynamic and professional environment.

Arrival: Urban: Northwoods: To Apply:

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